VR Plant Journey

  • VR Plant Journey is an educational virtual reality (VR) experience that allows you to explore the intricate world of plants from the inside out. Developed by a collaboration between scientists and game developers, it focuses specifically on the Canola plant, taking you on a journey from its roots to its flowers.

    Here’s what you can expect in VR Plant Journey:

    Immersive Exploration:

    • Shrink down to microscopic size and travel through the plant’s internal structures, including cells, organelles, and vascular systems.
    • Observe the processes happening within the plant, like photosynthesis, transpiration, and nutrient transport.
    • Interact with different elements of the plant, like zooming in on chloroplasts or activating water molecules to see their movement.

    Engaging Gameplay:

    • Solve puzzles and challenges related to plant biology and functions.
    • Help the plant grow and thrive by completing tasks like delivering nutrients or protecting it from pests.
    • Earn rewards and unlock new areas of the plant as you progress.

    Educational Value:

    • Learn about plant anatomy, physiology, and ecology in a fun and interactive way.
    • Gain a deeper understanding of the vital role plants play in our ecosystem.
    • Discover the amazing adaptations and processes that allow plants to survive and flourish.


    • VR Plant Journey is currently available for purchase on Steam VR and SideQuest.

    Target Audience:

    • While primarily designed for children and adolescents, VR Plant Journey can be enjoyed by anyone interested in learning about plants and the wonders of nature.

    Overall, VR Plant Journey offers a unique and engaging way to experience the fascinating world of plants. It’s a delightful blend of education and entertainment, making it a valuable tool for both learning and entertainment.

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