Hadrian’s Villa Reborn: Stadium Garden

Hadrian’s Villa Reborn: Stadium Garden VR is a virtual reality experience that transports you back in time to the 130s AD to explore the Stadium Garden at Hadrian’s Villa, a sprawling complex located in Tivoli, Italy. While named a “stadium,” it wasn’t actually used for athletic events, but rather for imperial receptions, audiences, dinner parties, and leisurely walks.

Here’s what you can expect in Hadrian’s Villa Reborn: Stadium Garden VR:

Immersive exploration:

  • Walk through the meticulously reconstructed Stadium Garden: Experience the grandeur of the complex, including its colonnades, pools, fountains, and statues.
  • Examine details up close: Get a closer look at architectural elements, decorations, and even everyday objects, as if you were actually there.
  • Feel the atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the sounds and sights of the villa, bringing the ancient world to life.

Educational experience:

  • Learn about the history and purpose of the Stadium Garden: Gain insights into its role in Roman social and political life.
  • Discover the life of Emperor Hadrian: Uncover the stories of the emperor who built the villa and understand his motivations for this unique project.
  • Explore Roman architecture and design: Appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry of the time period.

Additional features:

  • Multiple perspectives: Switch between different viewpoints, including ground level and aerial views, to gain a better understanding of the layout and scale of the complex.
  • Interactive elements: Interact with certain objects and learn more about their significance.
  • Accessibility: Available on various VR platforms, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Overall, Hadrian’s Villa Reborn: Stadium Garden VR offers a unique and educational way to explore this fascinating piece of history. It’s ideal for anyone interested in ancient Rome, architecture, or simply experiencing something new and immersive.

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